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Happy for the Holidays

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The Holiday Season is usually so chaotic. We almost always feel like we take on too much, and burn the candle at both ends. For most of us, this is not the right time to dive head-first into an intense challenge designed to take up all of our energy and time. So, I present the Happier for the Holidays Challenge. This challenge is designed with highly achievable goals for movement and stress-relief each weekday to get you through the holiday season. Mondays, we will spend a little time on mindfulness, with both our mental state and movement. Tuesdays are for getting stuff done efficiently. Our movement for the day is done in 10-minutes or less, as well as tackling a 10-minute, stress-relieving task. Wednesdays are for some rest and relaxation. All we worry about on Wednesdays is checking in on our sleep and stress, and making sure we carve out a bit of time for resting our bodies. Thursdays we have 30-minutes of movement, and we quench our Thursday thirst. We focus on coming up with a way to make quenching that thirst fun with different ideas to stay hydrated. On Fridays, we just have fun! We'll do a fun workout every Friday or make a little bit of time to laugh, giggle, or play... all of which are important for managing those winter blues!

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