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Fitness Group

Personal Training

Our trainers will help hold you accountable and get you to reach your goals more efficiently and effectively. There's a training option for everyone's budget, including free fitness consultations, semi-private and group training, and private training options.

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Free Fitness Consultation with Zach

Zach helps clients of all ages and abilities get stronger, faster, and fitter. He especially loves helping athletes improve their skillset and uses equipment not found in many gyms to train his athletes. Zach wants all of his clients to feel their best, and can't wait to get to know you and your goals better.


Free Fitness Consultation with Ashley

Ashley has worked with men, women, and children from ages twelve to ninety-four. Her passion is helping women of all ages build muscle tone and is a Certified Prenatal and Postpartum Coach. If working with a trainer seems intimidating, talk to Ashley and see if her simple and down-to-earth approach is right for you!


Semi-Private Training with Zach

If you're looking for a way to save on your training sessions, try semi-private training! Zach offers semi-private training in his private gym as a way to offer personalized training with your friends, family, or other like-minded individuals with similar goals.


Small Group Training with Ashley

Become part of our uplifting community and train in a semi-private setting with Ashley. Her group training focuses on strength training for beginners, where women can learn and grow stronger together while having fun!


1-on-1 Training with Zach

The pinnacle approach to fitness training, 1-on-1 training will help you reach your goals most efficiently and effectively. With plans to work up to 4x/week, Zach uses sport-specific conjugate training for the ultimate, individualized approach.

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Virtual Training with Ashley

If you're not sure where to start with your training, or need a trainer to provide added focus to what you're already doing, virtual training is a great way to get programming personalized for you while still having the freedom to workout on your own.

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